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Judit (31) trosser legenes råd: – Holdt på å besvime

Å finne ut av at man er gravid er for noen en helt magisk opplevelse. Forventningene vokser seg fort store, og man begynner å telle ned til dagen man skal ta imot sitt nyfødte barn.

Judit (31) bor sammen med sin mann Glenn på Ulvøya i Oslo. Judit er født i Ungarn, hun kom til Norge i 2015 etter at hennes to trillingsøstre først hadde flyttet hit.

Via Instagram deler hun og mannen nå glimt fra deres nye liv: Det skjedde nemlig noe helt spesielt da Judit ble gravid.

Hun ble rådet til å ta abort, men dette rådet valget hun å trosse…

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After a long day I am back home. . Thank you for reaching out to me, for the kind words and encouragment. It definitely helped me put myself together and dare to ask for a second opinion and extra scanning before Friday. . My sister drove me to hospital today. It was super busy there but after some waiting (5 hours… my sister is a hero sitting so long there with me❤) I got to talk to a doctor. After appologizing for bothering them I explained that I was very worried and waiting with the next scan until Friday sounded way too long to me. The doctor was super nice, assured me that his job was to make sure that all is fine with the babies. He did an ultrasound to check on the blood flow and was satisfied with the results. . He read through my medical history and suggested that I come back tomorrow morning so the babies can be checked again. I was very pleased feeling that this time both me and my worries were taken seriously. So I am having a new appointment tomorrow again to be on the safe side. . I am still worried which I guess is totally normal for a soon to be mother but feel better by knowing that the babies will be checked on again already tomorrow. 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 . My suitcase is packed and I was told to have it with me tomorrow in case they decide to keep me in the hospital. . . . #expectingtriplets #trillinggravid #triplets #trillinger #scan #gettingcloser #uke32 #uke33 #oslo #norge #pregnantproblems #pregnantbelly

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– Holdt på å besvime

Da Judit var på ultralyd fant legene ut noe utrolig:

– Jeg trodde ikke det var mulig. Da de fant tre på annengangs ultralyd, holdt jeg på å besvime. Utenfor begynte jeg å gråte hysterisk, forteller hun til VG.

Legen hadde rådet paret til abort, en fosterreduksjon, fordi de var redde for hjertet hennes. Hun har nemlig tidligere vært operert for uregelmessig hjerterytme.

Det kunne derfor bli en altfor stor belastning for hjertet hennes, å skulle pumpe blod til tre.

Paret vurderte legens råd og bestemte seg for å følge det. På vei til Trondheim for å gjennomføre aborten, skjedde det noe.

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This picture was taken of the babies at our third scan. Our second scan was very emotional. Glenn and I went to the doctor's appointment together to see if our baby was developing fine. Well…it did not take long until the doctor discovered 2 more babies and announced that we were expecting three. Coming out from the doctor's office I felt a huge panic growing on me and by the time we got to our car I was crying like never before. It took us some time to process the information. The next scan was 3 weeks later and it was amazing. What a developement…in just three weeks. These tiny humans have already had their legs and arms and they were super active that day. I could not take my eyes off of the screen. I could have watched them bouncing forever. The next scan is coming up soon, 13th September. I am hoping to be able to find out about the babies's gender 🤞🏻❤🙏🏻❤😊👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 1, 2, 3! #triplets #tbtoweek11 #wishmeluck #pregnantwithtriplets #mybundleofjoy #firsttimepregnant

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Ombestemte seg

Paret ombestemte seg mens de var på vei, de snudde bilen.

Det at paret plutselig ventet trillinger kom naturligvis som et stort sjokk. Selv om det i annenhver generasjon på morssiden til Judit har vært tvillinger, hadde hun aldri forventet å få trillinger.

Selv er hun naturlig født trilling, og sannsynligheten for å da få trillinger er én til seks millioner, ifølge VG.

Da paret hadde bestemt seg for å ikke gjennomføre en fosterreduksjon dukket det opp mange bekymringer. Blant annet om de kom til å kunne bære og trøste alle samtidig.

Glenn var også bekymret for økonomien. Det var nesten som om de måtte starte på nytt med et nytt hjem, ny bil og hele tre barnehageplasser.

Født på Rikshospitalet

29. januar kom så de tre barna til verden: Filip, Amelia og Henrik. De ble født på Rikshospitalet og uten komplikasjoner, seks uker før termin.

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❤🌏🌎🌍❗Hello World❗🌍🌎🌏❤ Thank you so much for cheering for us and for all the encouragment we have recieved in forms of very kind messages and thoughtful comments sent to our Mommy while she was carrying us. We are doing fine and we have already spent a lot of time cuddling with our parents and aunties. We need to grow, put on some weight, learn to control our pulse, learn to eat both from breast and bottle and keep ourselves on a suffiecient temperatur. 🤴🏼👸🏼🤴🏼 Much love💙💖💙, Filip Alexander, Amelia Helena and Henrik Mikael . On behalf of Judit and Glenn we would like to say thank you for all the support, love, encouragment, sweet messages, useful informations you shared with us. Thank you for cheering for these three little Miracles. Judit is still feverish and struggle with some post partum issues. She is in great hands, we have been visiting every day and Glenn is staying with her and the babies in the hospital. We want her to take her time to recover and focus on getting better. Until then we are running the account without her (with her permission of course😊😍🙈😁). Big hugs, Sofia and Szilvia 💖💖 . . . Thank you Trine-Lise @trlxphotography @trlx for taking our very first photos yesterday. (Annonse) . . . #triplets #trillinger #tripletsofoslo #postpartum #aunties #newfamily #henrik #amelia #filip #nicu #helloworld #nicemeetingyou #thankyou #mommy #daddy #aunties #pregnantwithtriplets #tripletsmom #sisters #siblings #identical #fraternal #ourbabies #tachycardia #sweetbabies #love #blessed

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Nå forteller Judit og Glenn om sitt nye liv på Instagram-kontoen @triplet_with_triplets – et liv som naturligvis er helt annerledes en slik det var før barna kom til verden.

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💙💖💙1 month👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 . The babies were born 29th January so technically there is no day to celebrate them turning one month old as there was only 28 days in February. So I decided to 'celebrate' their one month birthday today 🥰🎂. . A month ago my life has changed for forever. My heart does not belong to me anymore and this is the most intense feeling I have ever experienced. Time is running like never before. Although I am exhausted I am trying to enjoy every second and focus on each movement and giggle my children are making. I am falling in love with them every day over and over again, and love them always a bit more than the day before💙💖💙. . The babies are doing great and have almost grown one kilogram each since their birth. They are on repeat-eat, sleep, be cute. And we are on repeat-prepare food, feed, change diapers, saniteze bottles, be in love. . Glenn and I have recieved a lot of help from my sisters, I am so lucky to have them and the babies are just as lucky to have them as their aunts. I am very thankful for them and also for all the support, kind messages, recommendations, comments we have recieved on instagram. I really appreciate them and they all warm my heart and have helped me a lot 🥰♥️😍😘! Thank you! . I am looking forward to many more months, years and decades with my (to me perfect) family and thank you for following our journey 😘! . . . #triplets #trillinger #1monthold #hurrafordere #filip #amelia #henrik #januar #februar #mars #minebarn #ubetingetkjærlighet #loveofmylife #mykids #1måned #trillingselv #tripletwithtriplets #myfamily #familienmin

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Og foreldrene er selvfølgelig stolte over sine tre mirakler:

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👨🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼Daddy's crew💙💙💖💙 #️⃣1️⃣ First time 🙈💙🥰 . Glenn's first time cuddling all 3 babies together. . 😍😍😍😍I am speechless🥰🥰🥰🥰 . I wish I could make time stopp and watch them a little while longer. . #iamtheluckiest . . . #yeskappahl #newbiebykappahl #newbielovers #newbiebarn #trillinger #daddytotriplets #tripletdad #stoppingtime #myfamily #firsttime #cuddlingtriplets #cuddles #mykids #familienmin #finefolk #myman #tripets #oslo #norge #3months #loveofmylife #størstavalterkjærligheten . Annonse/gift 👌🏻🤩🤩🤩The babies look adorable in their newbie outfits💙💖💙😍😍😍

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– Det er sårt å tenke på at vi vurderte inngrepet. Barnet som ville blitt fjernet, er så søt og skjønn. Men vi har hendene mer enn fulle, sier trebarnsfaren Glenn Undheim (38) til VG.

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‼😍💖💖💙💖💙These girls and these kiddos 🥰💖💖💙💖💙‼ . Finding out about being pregnant with triplets was the biggest shock of my life and the most unexpected news I could have ever got. It has been an amazing journey and I am so happy and thankful for being able to share it with these two ladies. Having them by my side has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone! No matter what life will bring I will always have two amazing persons to count on. . For no special reason I just want to say thank you to my sisters for all their support and love. . I LOVE YOU @sofiminda @szilvieszter 💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰. . . . #triplets #girlpower #mysisters #besties #bestfriends #sistersquad #sisters #oslo #norge #trillinger #lovemysisters #family #tripletsofoslo #trillingselv #tripletsofinstagram #cherishthelove . . . Ps.: Everyone in the Oslo area: Use discount code 'triplets' and book newborn photoshoot in April for 20% discount! ❤📸 Ved bruk av rabattkode 'triplets' får du 20 rabatt på nyfødtfotografering hos prisvinnende fotografen den flinkeste og søteste Trine-Lise Henriksen. Fotografering må bookes i april.📸❤ . The photo session was a gift from @trlx

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For en utrolig og fantastisk historie. En trilling som fikk trillinger ❤️

Del gjerne artikkelen videre på Facebook slik at vennene dine også kan få lese om dette – jeg er sikker på at det er mange som gjerne vil høre historien.

Og gi gjerne familien et hjerte eller en tommel opp – de er jo bare helt herlige!